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In today’s world, energy conservation and optimization in industry operations is not only essential but also makes financial sense. U̅rja̅rtha fills the gap in awareness about advances in the energy sector and core understanding about how an organization uses energy. The course provides an understanding of the context of energy utilization, systematic approach towards energy management and the financial appraisal of energy projects.

  • No. of Modules : 12
  • Each module approx. 45-60 minutes.
  • Program Type: Paid
  • Test Available: No
  • Fees INR 7000/- + GST INR 1260/-
    = INR 8260/

Program Details

Session Name Description
Introduction introduction.
Managing Energy An introduction to energy management.
Energy Audit A brief introduction to energy audit.
Energy Conservation Act An introduction to Energy Conservation Act in India.
Electricity Act An introduction to Electricity Act in India.
Green Building Energy conservation through green building.
Harnessing Renewable Energy Minimising Wastage in Typical Commercial/Industrial An introduction to renewable sources of energy and their uses.
Scenarios I Minimising Wastage in Typical Commercial/Industrial A look into typical commercial and industrial scenarios where energy wastage can be reduced.
Scenarios II Scenarios II
Evaluating Energy Projects Financially Financial aspects of energy projects.
Monitoring, Predicting, and Targeting Brief review of process of monitoring, predicting, and targeting.
Financing Energy Projects How energy projects are financed by various means.
International Initiatives on Climate Change A brief history of international climate change initiatives.