ENE-Masterclass LMS (Learning Management System)

ENE-Masterclass, Enhance & Excel’s in-house online Learning Management System is a complete learning environment where we can:

  • Host programs

    Our SCORM compatible online learning management system provides you with a platform to host your training courses. Our technical team shall provide complete support for this process.
  • Manage the participants

    The training managers of your training and development team need not worry anymore about managing the training records of large number of employees. Our learning management system very efficiently helps you manage and keep records.
  • Assign programs to participants

    ENE-Masterclass and our team shall help you easily assign programs and keep a track of all the programs assigned to the participants.
  • Monitor progress

    You shall be easily able to monitor as well as track the performances of respective participants. These track records shall help you take further corrective measures in terms of the training of the respective participants.
  • Online chat facility

    The LMS gives the participants a platform to interact with each other and with the faculty (if online) through online chats, thus enabling them to engage in discussions with the other participants and also to ask doubts from the respective faculty members.
  • Anytime Anywhere viewing

    The participants can view the programs anytime and anywhere with the availability of a good internet connection and a functional viewing device.

  • If the program has supporting reading material, it can be distributed to the participants.