Ready-to-use eLearning Leadership And Management Courses

With inputs from various experts in the industry, the Enhance & Excel team has developed ready-to-use e-Learning programs on various topics viz. Finance, People Development, Operations Development, Project Management, Strategy Development, etc.
These programs mainly cater to the learning needs of the management executives facilitating leadership development in the employees aspiring to become leaders.
Our e-learns are interactive, and enable self-paced learning, helping the users to grasp knowledge in no time and apply it in their respective domains.
Our catalogue provides management education for the mid-level and higher level managers in the industry with a holistic view towards concepts.
The examples (mainly based in the Indian scenario) help the learners gain an insight into the on-site management practices.
Working professionals who wish to constantly develop their skill sets and knowledge horizons can benefit the most out of eLearning.

The available courses have been broadly divided in to Three main categories:

Online Business Management courses

Giving deep insights in to the practical aspects of management, these leadership and management courses prove to be highly useful for the managers who wish to excel in their roles.

Technical Courses

Leader Managers can now equip themselves with the fundamental concepts underlying technical subjects like UPS, Harmonics, and VFD.

Behavioural Courses

Leader Managers need to be well versed with the behavioural aspects of people management. These courses prove helpful for understanding human resource management.