Chat and blog facility to interact with the faculty

You, as a learner, can now easily discuss their doubts and queries with the respective faculty. You can also interact with other participants of the same course and discuss their ideas and experiences of the course. Sharing your ideas and learning is also possible through the blogs.

Quizzes and Games for enhanced engagement

The courses include quizzes in the middle of the course, helping the learners test their understanding of the concepts at regular intervals. You can also revisit the concepts and improve your performance with every test. These quizzes and tests help the learners put their understanding and knowledge to practice.

SCORM Compatible courses

A cost-effective method of delivering essential training today is through SCORM; Shareable Content Object Reference Model, an industry-proven eLearning initiative. SCORM 2004 permits the learner to "bookmark" their progress when taking breaks, and assures the acceptability of test scores achieved by the learner. With more control over the pace of your learning you can now engage in growing your knowledge horizon along with your professional commitments.

Audio Visual Courses

As per research, an audio-visual experience ensures learning at a deeper level. Sound and images together make the course more effective and have a deeper impact over the brain. With these audio visually rich modules, you can now learn difficult concepts with a lot more ease by devoting less time and grasping faster.

Anytime Anywhere viewing

Teaching and learning need not be confined to the physical spaces of traditional classrooms any more. Keeping the instructor and learner interaction intact, our eLearning courses can be viewed anytime, anywhere. You can now carry your classrooms along with you wherever you go and control your own learning pace.

Reading Room

The online courses are supported with online reading material for the purpose of ready reference. This material provides application based literature which helps learners engage in thinking about the concepts. It gives detailed content to enrich the student knowledge.